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Ship Model Articles & Videos

Ship Models and Accessories by Cast Your Anchor
Ship Model kits, parts and fittings, tools, accessories, and more!

Ship Models by Cast Your Anchor

Why are other hobby stores referring their customers to Cast Your Anchor?

We are Canada’s only hobby store specializing in ship models, boat kits, tools, fittings and accessories all under one roof.

Cast Your Anchor has access to over 500 static ship models. Romantic tall ships, riverboats, tug boats, racers and skiffs are all showcased.

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Inspirational Videos "Inspirational Videos"

So You Want to be a Model Ship Builder "So You Want to be a Model Ship Builder"

Ship Model Building Technical Books "Ship Model Building Technical Books"

Rating of Wooden Ship Model Kit Manufacturers "Rating of Wooden Ship Model Kit Manufacturers"

Model Boat Kits for Children "Model Boat Kits for Children "

Building Ship Model Hulls "Building Ship Model Hulls "

Planking the Deck of a Ship Model "Planking the Deck of a Ship Model "

Simulating Tar on Deck Planking "Simulating Tar on Deck Planking"

Planking the Ship Model Hull "Planking the Ship Model Hull"

Selecting An Anchor For Your Ship Model "Selecting An Anchor For Your Ship Model"

Wooden Barrels for Ship Models "Wooden Barrels for Ship Models"

Belaying Pins for Ship Models "Belaying Pins for Ship Models"

Ship Model Bells and Belfreys "Ship Model Bells and Belfreys"

Ship Model Blocks "Ship Model Blocks"

Chainplate Assemblies for Ship Models "Chainplate Assemblies for Ship Models"

Portholes / Airports for Model Ships "Portholes / Airports for Model Ships"

Admiralty Style Ship Models "Admiralty Style Ship Models"

Bluenose "Bluenose"

Check out our stock of ship model fittings. We have 5000 fittings in stock covering historical and modern eras.

Add to this speciality, professional ship modeling tools, ship modeling reference books, exotic woods and finishing materials. We are happy to special order any ship model fittings and tools from around the world.

Cast Your Anchor draws on years of expertise in the ship modeling community. We can connect you with others who share your passion.

Cast Your Anchor also offers a restoration service for your ship model heirlooms. No job is too small.

At Cast Your Anchor, ship models are our only business.

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