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In business for the last 15 years , Cast Your Anchor Inc. is one of North Americaís leading suppliers of model boat kits, fittings, accessories, and tools. As a specialist company we can devote more time to dealing with questions as well as getting your order out to you quickly and accurately. We differ from the traditional retail stores and most web-based companies because we are determined to inventory the items listed on the site. We will back order out-of-stock parts for you. We aim to ship your order complete but will make informed decisions when shipping a partial order and we donít charge additional shipping if or when we do.

We are Canadaís only hobby retailer specializing in ship models, boat kits, radio control sail parts, tools, fittings, and accessories all under one roof.

Cast Your Anchor has over 100 static ship model kits in stock. Romantic tall ships, riverboats, tug boats, racers and skiffs are all showcased.

Check out our stock of ship model fittings. We have over 5000 fittings in stock covering historical and modern eras. We also carry radio control sail fittings.

Add to this, specialty professional ship modeling tools, modeling reference books, exotic woods and finishing materials. We are happy to special order any ship model, ship model fittings or modelling tools from around the world.

We donít stop there! Our technicians are happy to answer any questions you have about static ship models and model ship building.

Cast Your Anchor draws on years of expertise in the ship modeling community. We can connect you with others who share your passion.

At Cast Your Anchor, ship models are our only business.

Company Address

Cast Your Anchor Hobby mailing address only (no walk-ins):

Cast Your Anchor Hobby
RPO 15575, 265 Port Union Road
Toronto, Ontario M1C 4Z7

Company Contact Information

Cast Your Anchor Hobby can be contacted via telephone or email using the following information:

Telephone: 416-686-8529 OR Toll-Free1-866-686-8529

Email: Send Contact Message

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