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AM1300/01 - Lady Nelson

AM1300/01 - Lady Nelson

AM1300/01 - Lady Nelson

His Majesty's Armed Survey Vessel the Lady Nelson was commissioned in 1799 to survey the coast of Australia. At the time large parts of the Australian coast were unknown and only part of the continent had been claimed by Britain. The British Government were concerned that, in the event of settlers of another European power becoming established in Australia, any future conflict in Europe would lead to a widening of the conflict into the southern hemisphere to the detriment of trade which Britain sought to develop. It was against this background that the Lady Nelson was chosen to survey and establish sovereignty over strategic parts of the continent.

The Lady Nelson left Portsmouth on 18 March 1800 and arrived at Sydney on 16 December 1800 after having been the first vessel to reach the east coast of Australia via Bass Strait. Prior to that date all vessels had to sail around the southern tip of Tasmania to reach their destination.

The Lady Nelson's survey work commenced shortly after its arrival at Sydney, initially in the Bass Strait area. It was involved in the discovery of Port Phillip, on the coast of Victoria; in establishing settlements on the Derwent River and at Port Dalrymple in Tasmania; at Newcastle and Port Macquarie in New South Wales; and on Melville Island off the north coast of the continent.

Amati never ceases to amaze us! One of their latest ship model kits, Lady Nelson, is flawlessly designed for easy assembly and brimming with high quality components. Plywood keel and bulkheads provide a strong skeleton for the hull. Walnut companionway, crossbeam, timberhead, railings, rudder and other parts add the warm glow of beautiful wood. All wooden parts are laser-cut and fittings ready-to-use. Double-planking is done in limewood and walnut. Ten burnished metal cannon and 10 swivel guns provide firepower. Cast metal anchors, brass chainplates, four diameters of rigging complete the kit. Amati provides five sheets of detailed plans and clear instructions that show you how to build a museum quality Lady Nelson ship model. Hardwood display base and brass pedestals support your masterpiece.

Length: 540mm (21-1/4") / Height 482mm (19-1/4")
Scale: 1:64
Manufacturer: Amati
Vessel Type: 19th Century
Model Type: Plank on Bulkhead
Skill level: Entry



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